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Amazon Brand Registry Guide to protect your business

Just like in any other business, there is stiff competition even on Amazon Business. Security is one of the major concerns of everyone doing business on the internet. Every day, more and more owners are selling their products on online platforms such as Amazon. Doing business on Amazon is becoming challenging with increasing threats from unethical re-sellers who are always ready to earn a profit on retail arbitrage on the sale of your products.

Controlling your brands on digital platforms is becoming trickier and complicated, but Amazon Brand Registry can protect your business. While it is simple to know the value of the Amazon Brand Registry, it is not that easy to adopt. So, let us know in-depth about Amazon Brand Registry, its application, benefits, and more.

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand Registry is a program that helps brands with greater control and protection over their brands on the platform. It is just one of the simplest solutions by Amazon to address counterfeiters taking advantage of the site. It helps in the identification of brand owners to Amazon.

Launched in 2017, Amazon Brand Registry reduces counterfeiting and intellectual property (IP) violations on the site. Those who sign up also have access to tools to build and develop your brand while protecting it.

How to sign up for Amazon Brand Registry?

Step 1: Reviewing eligibility requirements

You must have a registered trademark for the brand you intend to protect. It has to be currently active and valid in all the countries where you need protection. Your brand’s trademark must either be a text-based mark or an image-based mark with words, letters, or numbers.

Step 2: Sign in

Open the Brand Registry and click on Enroll now. Select your country and sign in to your Seller Central or Vendor Central account. Signing in will help you access the benefits and tools of the registry that are linked to seller and vendor services.

Step 3: Fill the application

To qualify for the Amazon Brand registration, you’ll be asked about your brand name and if it features your products. You will have to give details about your trademark, including the name, registration number, and the office that issued it.

If the trademark is image-based, you need to upload a copy. The form also requires information about distributors, manufacturers, codes of the product, and their categories.

Step 4: Verification

An email will be sent to the rights owner that is listed by the trademark office. It includes a unique code that is to be submitted under the case log section of your account, where the application status can also be viewed. Approval takes around 24 hours.

Brand owners who have enrolled in the Brand Registry before April 30, 2017, will have to re-enroll to enjoy the updated program’s benefits.

Significance of Brand Registry 2.0

Amazon Brand Registry 2.0 is an improved version to meet the original goals of the company. The update is a reminder that Amazon focuses on sellers who are genuinely doing business. Do not waste time. Amazon’s Brand Registry 2.0 will protect your ownership and also put a stop to forgeries.

It is an updated service for sellers who are manufacturers of products, owners of brands, and re-sellers who have permission in writing from specific brand owners to oversee the particular product on Amazon. It is compulsory to be from one of these three categories to gain approval. On approval from Amazon, the program enables a dedicated user interface and login, different from the Seller Account Central.

Earlier, the only way to identify a violation was when someone hijacked the buy box from your listing or if you had a bad review when a customer purchased a counterfeit item. However, this new search tool enables you to search for possible brand violations using the name of the product and the brand, ASIN, and also keywords & images.

Why enroll in Amazon Brand Registry?

Improves your brand’s value

The updates in the registry help in improving the shopping experience of customers. Amazon has a dedicated team to deal with grievances, making it easier for sellers to report infringing listings and decide who is allowed to sell their product. It is wise to build your own business online and protect it with Amazon’s brand registry.

Cost of registration

No need to worry about expenses. Amazon Brand Registry is free. To sign up, you’ll need to own a registered trademark. If you haven’t already got one, you will have to pay for registration. The expense for registration depends on the country you register and the type of product you want to sell. Further, most of the tools that become available when you join the Amazon Brand Registry are also free of cost. But, brands that want to take advantage of Project Zero’s serialization service are required to pay a fee.

Sponsored brand ads

Sponsored brands are useful to engage with customers. The headline ads that appear on top of the page in your Amazon search results help improve your brand’s discovery. The customers are already searching for your product, so what better than this to draw attention to your brand!

So, if you are looking forward to protecting your private brand or business on Amazon, then legitimize it in the consumer’s eyes. If you want to give yourself an edge over the competition, then Amazon’s updated brand registry should be your choice!

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