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Four unique strategies to attract customers to your eCommerce business

The impact of the pandemic has dramatically pushed businesses to adapt to changes for survival. Every day you can see plenty of retailers, entrepreneurs, and business owners entering the online business world to survive. The worldwide sales graph of eCommerce is at its peak, thanks to the pandemic, which has created multiple opportunities for these businesses to earn profits.

However, as more businesses enter the battleground, the competition rises rapidly. If you want to sustain yourself in this crowded marketplace, you have to push your opponents out of the game. Otherwise, they will push you out!

Keep your eyes open and satisfy your customers every time to make them purchase from you repeatedly in the coming days. On that note, we have compiled some essential eCommerce tips which will help you attract more customers in the next five years.

1. Build an excellent customer experience

By 2027, it is projected that the market size of the eCommerce industry in India will hit 200 billion US Dollars. To find a place in this huge market, you have to give your user a great experience.

These days, customers are spoilt for choices. Pick any product, and customers will have at least ten businesses offering the same product at similar prices. People focus on the comfort, convenience, reliability, and consistency of their shopping experience to pick one among them.

If they find any sort of flaws (like a slow-loading page, or a homepage that is not user-friendly, negative reviews, etc.), they'll quit the website and turn to your competitors. To avoid such issues and give the customer a great user experience, focus on your website’s technicalities, functionalities, and aesthetics. Through this, you can satisfy your customers by offering a more personalized, direct, and efficient browsing experience.

2. Incorporate unique payment options

Payments have historically played an essential role in making people choose a specific brand. If their preferred payment option was not on the list, then the chances of completing an order are less.

Today, most businesses have included UPI, net banking, debit cards, credit cards, and even a pay later option. But, this might not be enough in the coming days if you wish to differentiate yourself from others.

You need to adopt unique payment methods like cryptocurrencies, which is the current trend, and most of the businesses in India have yet to adopt it. It might give you a first-mover advantage in the next five years and help to capture the market.

For example, Starbucks in select locations of the US opted to use converted bitcoins payment options to pay for drinks and coffees. The benefits offered by cryptocurrencies, such as no transaction fees, fast translation, security, and no reverse transaction, were the main reasons they adopted this. India can follow suit and replicate the success of bitcoin in other countries.

3. Create an omnichannel experience

As a thriving business in the 21st century, you have no option other than to make yourself available on various channels and devices. Your competitors are already present in multiple channels and are targeting customers round the clock.

You can't push a person to go online all the time to purchase from you; it's their call. Instead, try to be present in a channel they are more comfortable to shop from. For example, some people will explore the products in the online store but would not buy a product unless and until they touch and feel it physically. For such customers, it is essential to let them purchase from a physical store.

Some people might even wish to make purchases through phone calls - the old-school technique. You need to cater to such an audience too. The call-center employees should place the order on behalf of the customer on the phone.

Such omnichannel experiences will allow you to connect and communicate better with your customers.

4. Incorporate sustainability practices

Unlike the olden days, people don't blindly make a purchase considering only the direct benefits. They have started to care more about the environment and make purchases from brands following sustainable practices in manufacturing, packing, and shipping the products.

Green consumerism will be a dominant aspect in the growth of the eCommerce market in the future. Adapting and prioritizing environment-friendly practices will aid you to grab the attention of a large audience and place you on a soft spot in their minds as you're taking care of the environment. For example, Amazon has promised that by 2040 they will reduce their carbon emission rate to zero.

So, take the necessary steps and plan sustainability practice if you want to stay in business for a long time.

Have your own branded mobile app and make your website responsive

Nowadays, it's hard to find people without a smartphone. Everyone has one, and people are purchasing products through them effortlessly. Statistics say that in 2020, mobile eCommerce sales in India had hit 38 billion US dollars.

This is an excellent opportunity for businesses to capitalize. Build your own branded app and have a presence on both iOS and Android stores.

Apart from that, optimize your website to be mobile-friendly. Make it responsive. Focus on giving your customer a tremendous personalized user experience irrespective of which device they use.

Final thoughts

The skyrocketing growth of eCommerce is always a good sign for retailers. It poses an excellent opportunity for them to push the boundaries of their sales. But the rising competition in it has made it necessary for them to adapt to the constantly evolving changes in the industry. Following the strategies highlighted in this post can help you thrive in the market for the next few years.

However, if you are one of those business owners who wish to pursue bigger dreams than running behind these strategies, you should certainly partner with Powerhouse91. We are an eCommerce expert who acquires and operates eCommerce brands on Amazon, helping to expand beyond the margins. To know more, contact us now.

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