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Packaging tips for Customer delight and loyalty in Indian marketplaces

A dedicated customer base is what online sellers need. Customer loyalty is a rare phenomenon as umpteen options are available online. Customers prefer to choose products with superior value. Retail packaging has proven to be a differentiator and makes your brand stand out amid the clutter. The customer starts building an opinion about the brand from the time he sees its listing. The product images on the app /Web, product description, ease of navigation, and checkout are essential for an immersive experience. Rapid response to the customer has become a prerequisite in eCommerce. Packages traverse a multiple transport model to reach their final destination. Damaged products attract a high cost due to reverse logistics and an image loss for the brand. A quick read below helps to understand the role of packaging and tips for carving a cost-effective packaging strategy.

eCommerce packaging - What is the play?

Sellers in eCommerce have no control over the package once they hand it over to the logistics. Logistics is a crucial element of eCommerce and rests on the pillars of cost and speed of operation. The logistics focus on balancing the cost and rapid response to the customer. You cannot overlook the possibility of improper handling of packages in terms of storage and transportation to meet the deadline by the logistic partner. A wrong choice of packaging material and packaging type can lead to rejection by buyers, a situation you surely want to avoid.

Demystifying rules of packaging

In the online marketplace, sellers opt for the following layers of retail packaging for their products.

  • The first layer is also referred to as the outer packaging.

  • The second layer is also referred to as the inner packaging.

  • The package sealers (marketplace-branded adhesive tapes)

  • Invoice and Labels

The first layer

The first layer protects the product against damage due to rough handling on its way to the customer location. You can choose between product packaging boxes or poly sleeves to cover it. The online marketplace, like Amazon since 2015, has been supplying packaging material such as corrugated package boxes and Amazon-branded poly bags to easy ship/self-ship sellers in India. The choice between poly bags or product packaging boxes depends on the size, the type, and the state of the goods sold by the seller.

# Tip

Remember to pick the packaging material carefully as it adds to the weight and the dimension of the product. The increase in weight and size will impact the forwarding cost to the seller.

# Tip

The dimensions of the packaging should be slightly bigger than the product. An oversized outer layer would allow the product to shift and move inside the packaging and will increase the cost of stuffing it with material on the inside.

The Second Layer

The sellers use the second layer of packaging to avoid damages in transit due to impact during warehousing and logistics. The choice between thermocol, air cushions, and bubble wrap depends on the type of product. Having a second layer is paramount in fragile and impact-prone products such as porcelain and glass. Sellers dealing in footwear and garments can shy away from this cost.

# Tip

Sellers should invest in the second layer of packaging strictly on a need basis. Unnecessary addition leads to an increase in the dimension and weight of the package and increases the cost of shipping. Sellers should aim at reducing the cost for healthier profits.

The Package Sealers (Branded adhesive tapes)

For enhanced assurance to customers and to avoid pilferage the packages are sealed shut with branded adhesive tapes. Marketplaces such as Amazon and Flipkart supply their branded adhesive tapes to sellers for sealing the package before dispatch. The branded tape serves as the means for promoting their brand.

# Tip

Sellers with an independent online presence should leverage the opportunity to enhance the brand image by using branded tape on their packages.

Invoice and Labels

The marketplace also offers outer labels and stickers to the sellers to ensure product safety. Sellers paste the stickers on the box to announce fragile items and stacking instructions to logistic companies. To provide a correct invoice is a statutory requirement in India. The marketplace expects the sellers to use legible invoices with scannable barcodes and paste them along with the labels on the package. A package becomes eligible for shipping post the invoicing and labelling.

# Tip

Put the invoice in the poly jacket before pasting it on the package to protect it from wear and tear.

# Tip

Avoid altering the shape and size of the mandatory label to avoid rejection by the marketplace for shipping.

# Tip

Paste the labels on the flat side of the package boxes for better visibility.


eCommerce offers an evolving and competitive landscape where sellers have wafer-thin margins. Packaging is an important aspect and a cost-incurring head for online sellers. In the current scenario, it is not possible to pass the packaging cost to customers. The need for sustainable and cost-effective packaging material is on the rise. To ensure a quick response to the customers, sellers need to maintain the inventory of packaging material.

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