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Exploring selling your ecommerce brand with a lucrative exit in 6 weeks!

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Abhinav Jain
Founder - Expertomind
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Being a part of the team of brands under Powerhouse91 gives me immense confidence in the guaranteed profit and success for us. As we plan on expanding, we also take pride in sharing the vision of making Expertomind a household name and enhancing people's health with our wellness products. This newfound partnership provides us with the spotlight required for Expertomind to prosper further.

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Our Process
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Week 1-2

Getting to know
each other

In a first call we would like to tell you more about Powerhouse91. Who we are, how we operate, how we think, how our process works. We know you are busy running your own business, so we keep these meetings highly efficient.

We also like to learn a bit more about yourself and your business. You should expect questions like "Why did you start this business?" and "How much profit did you generate over the last 12 months?". We understand that some questions are too sensitive and we will not press you for answers if you are uncomfortable.

Week 2-3

Analysis and deep dive

We typically need your monthly sales data as a first step. Additionally, we will ask you to provide us with ASIN-level product costs, and your last freight invoices. We need this information to get a complete picture of the profitability of your business. Again, if the information is too sensitive to share, we can discuss alternative ways.

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Week 3-4

We make an offer

Based on the information you have provided and our analysis we are able to present you with a Letter of Intent (LOI), which lays down our offer to you. In this offer, we present you with various terms underlying the offer, including

  • a valuation/purchase price,

  • payment terms,

  • a timeline,

  • additional due diligence requests and

  • next steps.

Week 4-5 

Due diligence and

Should you be happy with the offer and accept it, we enter a "Due Diligence" phase, which means we take great care to fully understand your business. We might ask for supplier agreements, employee contracts (if any), audited financial statements, trademarks, rental/lease agreements, invoices and other documents.
In parallel, we start drafting the Purchase Agreements, which dictate the terms and conditions under which we buy your business (or part thereof). It's important to get your legal advisor/consultant involved at this point.

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Week 5-6

Closing and wiring
funds to you

Usually it takes us 2 additional weeks until all the documents are signed and we can close the deal. After clearing everything you can expect the money in your bank account within an additional week. Now you are ready for your next challenge!

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