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10 Reasons Why Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Can Help Your Brand Grow

With the advent of eCommerce and the ease of reaching customers online, many innovative brands have come up with attractive product ranges that offer customers value. However, managing a brand from scratch is not easy. After all, even if it is all online, building a brand does not just involve making a fine product and listing it online but also fulfilling your orders satisfactorily. Further, storing your inventory can also be a major hassle considering the lack of space and storage costs, especially in cities.

So, suppose you’re a brand selling on eCommerce marketplaces such as Amazon. In that case, you may want to outsource the storage, packaging, and delivery of your products to an expert who will save you from these hassles and delight the customer till the last mile.

Amazon offers one such service known as Fulfilment by Amazon.

What is Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA?

eCommerce giant Amazon provides its sellers with storage, packaging, and shipping support through a service named Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA). FBA aims to ease the burden of sellers’ peripheral activities and gives them more time and space in selling their products.

Under FBA, sellers can ship their products to an Amazon Fulfillment Center, which stores these items in warehouses until they are sold, when someone places an order, Amazon packs and dispatches the product.

Here are 10 Key Benefits of Amazon’s FBA:

1. Let’s you focus on your business without worrying about peripherals:

Amazon takes care of logistics like storing, packaging, and shipping your products to your customers with its fulfillment service. This helps you save costs and time and focus on growing your business rather than mundane tasks like packaging and delivery.

2. Saves you space:

FBA allows you to store your merchandise at Amazon’s warehouses. This only saves space but also the costs associated with storage.

3. Ease of shipping:

Shipping is not as easy as it sounds, especially because it may involve customs, regulations, and taxes for locations you wish to ship to. Amazon’s FBA allows one to outsource these formalities to them. You basically can’t go wrong with shipping if you’re using FBA.

4. Standardised shipping:

Amazon ensures that all FBA orders are packed, processed, and dispatched in the same manner, ensuring standardization. Thus, you are assured of the quality of packaging and also delivery processes.

5. Helps leverage Prime member base:

If you have a qualified FBA listing, it is automatically Prime-eligible; it is displayed

on Amazon with the Prime logo. This adds to the comfort of buyers when they buy from

you. This is because a lot of customers filter products based on whether they are

Prime-eligible and only go ahead and buy them if the Prime logo is present on the listing.

This way, you can reach new and existing customers looking for Prime

promise and quick shipping. Your buyers can also avail of unlimited one- and two-day

delivery on buying your products.

6. Dealing with returns: Nothing is more frustrating than reversing a sale. Returns are associated with pick-ups, which raises the cost of logistics if you are doing it yourself. While dealing with returns on your own can be a nightmare, Amazon, with its FBA service, takes care of returns and exchanges without you having to deal with it all by yourself.

7. Trust and reputation: Enrolling for FBA can be a great way to build a reputation for your business. Whether you’re new at the business or an established seller, having Amazon’s name associated with your products gives buyers a kind of assurance about the genuineness of the product. It also gives a speedy or on-time delivery guarantee. This could mean more repeat business for you, as nothing is more charming to a customer than an order well fulfilled.

8. Leverage Amazon’s Customer Service Management: While eCommerce is open for business 24/7, you need not burn the midnight oil trying to assist your buyers. Amazon’s customer service management is available round the clock to deal with any inquiries, returns, and refunds your customers may need help with on behalf of you.

9. Flexible cost structure:

Whether you are an existing business or a new one, you need not pay for what you don’t use with Amazon’s flexible cost structure. Amazon offers a “pay-as-you-go” plan for its FBA services. This means that there is no additional subscription fee. Further, there is no minimum unit sale requirement either. Further, you can also avail of the Pay on Delivery or Cash on Delivery orders in India, where this payment mode is prevalent and trusted. Moreover, even if your order is fulfilled with Cash on Delivery, you can get your sale proceeds deposited directly into your bank account. It simply can’t get better than this!

10. Helps retain customers

Besides offering robust customer support and return/exchange services for your products, FBA also offers Free Delivery options to your buyers. There’s nothing more tempting than getting happiness delivered for free at the doorstep for a customer. This service can really add a sparkle to your product and get your products flying off the shelves! Free delivery is one service customers really appreciate and will come back for more.

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