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10 Ways To Increase Sales on Your Online Store

If you are running an online store, you probably like this word the most: profit. Profits come from sales, and you would always wish to increase sales on your online store. This article discusses 10 proven tips you can use to boost the conversion rate for your online store. Use these tactics and multiply your profits. These steps are easy to apply, and they fetch noticeable results.

What is eCommerce Conversion Rate?

Running an eCommerce store implies multiple things, from running the website to generating leads and ultimately converting leads to returning customers. This conversion of a visitor into a loyal customer is the eCommerce Conversion rate. Simply put, it is an indicator of how successful your store is at attracting and retaining new customers. The higher the eCommerce conversion rate for your store, the more customers you have, and hence, more profits.

Customers can interact with your website in a number of ways. Some will subscribe to your mailing list; others will create an account, follow your store on social media, or simply add items to the cart. All of these activities can ultimately lead a customer to purchase your products. This is conversion rate optimization for eCommerce.

The following tips will help you achieve better conversion rate optimization.

Tip No. 1: Optimize Your Store for Speed

Why speed optimization?

Speed is the proven mantra for the success of any website and, in particular, an eCommerce store. Customers will leave your online store in the first 6 seconds if your site doesn’t load by then. Speed is the ultimate factor that decides if visitors will browse your website or choose your competitors instead.

How to optimize the speed?

How to go about speed optimization? Test your website with online speed-test tools such as Pingdom Tools, GTmetrix, Google PageSpeed Insights, etc. These platforms will give a speed score for your website and suggest measures to increase the site’s speed. This is basic website speed optimization. Apart from this, you need to optimize other factors of your store site, such as the code, images, user experience, etc.

Optimizing your store website for speed is the most important thing you will do as part of the SEO journey.

Tip No. 2: Image Optimization

Why image optimization?

Your eCommerce store is essentially a repository of product images. Images invite the users to click and browse. A product image is the most important factor in product representation. If you have attractive product images, there are improved chances of achieving high sales.

How to optimize images?

Image optimization involves not only having high-quality images but also speed-optimized ones. You may want to compress your images so that they load quickly. Adding ‘Alt text’ to all your images is also good from the SEO point of view.

Tip No. 3: Have an Attractive Copy that Speaks for Your Store

Why do you need a good copy?

Words matter. The content on your homepage and product pages do have a significant impact on visitors. Words can compel your customers to buy more. Your website copy must be as compelling as possible. Customers should have all the information they need to make the purchasing decision.

  • Product features should be clearly listed.

  • Make sure to present the return policy, shipping costs, and other essential information.

  • There should be consistency in your website’s copy.

Tip No. 4: Build Powerful Social Media Presence

What do you think is the online touchpoint your customers are most likely to access these days? Social media networks have become the most popular virtual sites where people spend their time. This is where you talk about your store and the things you sell.

Whether it be Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or any other social media platform, you need to have an impactful virtual presence. Building a social media presence will take your store to millions of potential customers.

Tip No. 5: Keep Posting Offers

Offers attract customers. Make sure to post offers regularly. These can be “deals of the day,” “limited time offers,” “special deals,” or any other deals you can think of; what matters is that there is an irresistible offer for customers most of the time. Give away coupon codes, bundle items, and provide substantial discounts. Posting ads will increase your sales.

Tip No. 6: Use Urgency Indicators

Whenever you post a deal, make sure you attach a countdown timer to it. The sense of urgency does the trick to drive sales. When customers sense scarcity and a need for immediate action, they are more likely to purchase the product. That is one reason why countdown deals are highly effective in driving sales.

Tip No. 7: Use A/B Testing

There is no sure way to decide which is the best performing image or copy. That is why A/B testing is recommended.

With an A/B testing approach, you can evaluate two different sets of images or copy and figure out which works the best. The results give a rational picture of what is likely to work. You can even use A/B testing in ad campaigns to determine which ads are more effective.

Tip No. 8: Offer a Money-Back Guarantee

While it may seem risky to you, offering a money-back guarantee is a strong motivator that compels customers to buy from you rather than your competitors.

Tip No. 9: Make Use of Google and Facebook Ads

Why not run relevant and targeted ads on Google and Facebook when you have the budget for the same? This is an essential advertising investment to make. Ensure you get the best out of the ads on these platforms.

Tip No. 10: Offer Multiple Payment Options

Offering multiple payment options on your eCommerce store will ensure that customers go through payment processing and successfully place an order instead of leaving behind an abandoned cart. Debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, Stripe, and mobile payments can all be added as your payment gateway options.

Final Thoughts

There are so many things you can do to optimize the conversion rate. Start with these 10. You can use the platform offered by Powerhouse91 to take your eCommerce venture to the next level.

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