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12 Email Marketing Tips to Ace the Game for your Online Business

The email took center stage after COVID-19 hit as one of the safest and most effective modes to promote your business online and reach end-users. With the pandemic lasting over a year, new buying patterns have emerged, and the engagement rate has been higher than ever.

Gone are the days when emails were used only for communication. They have evolved to serve various purposes, including marketing your online brand. With email marketing, it is easier to outreach an audience, even beyond your country, with a single click.

People are embracing email marketing and putting in immense efforts to ace the email game globally. With eCommerce on the rise, it is natural for businesses to invest in various E-marketing tools, including email.

If you’re looking for tips to promote your business online, read on.

1. Make it Personal Always.

Making a marketing email personal is crucial. Yes, writing the reader’s name is part of it, but there are many other ways to personalise an email essentially. It includes understanding the reader’s preferences for efficient targeting, sending timely emails when the engagement rate is high, and understanding buying habits and foreseeing needs.

Most companies reported that investing in consumer behaviour information gave them a higher return on investment than running ad campaigns and blasting random segments with these ads to promote business online.

2. Clickbait Email Subject - 101 to Advertise Business Online

If you’re a fun, quirky online store - try and explore clickbait subject lines. Most emails do not get opened as an email subscriber gets spammed with multiple emails throughout the day. Keep it simple and catchy. According to marketing psychology, clickbait emails are the best gimmick to catch your reader’s attention.

It need not be only humorous - you could also create urgency. E.g., Hurry! Only 5 hours left to grab this deal.

If you’re a food delivery service, try blasting out your email before lunchtime. Your clickbait subject line, for example, could be - Hungry? You deserve to make Friday a special one. Check out our new menu!

Remember, the purpose of this kind of subject line is to catch your reader’s attention to click on the email leading to the end goal of promoting your business online.

3. Incentivise the Reader

This is the golden rule of email marketing and to successfully promote your business online. Coupon codes, discounts and offers are the perfect incentive for your reader. Ask them to subscribe to your emails to unlock the deal. This enables the conversion of your mailing list into a loyal customer base. Also, you can now build on a specific database to target and track their response through various metrics.

4. Automate

Essentially, an email marketing tip you cannot go wrong with. Automation is significant as it could save you valuable time. It also enables you to focus on growing your business, tracking the campaign’s scale and strategising better to increase conversion rates.

5. Link to Other Platforms

Linking your emails to other platforms is of paramount importance, and we cannot stress enough how important this point is. By connecting your emails with other social media platforms, you encourage sharing and, in turn, higher engagement. It also widens your scope of visibility.

Since Email marketing is only a part of holistic marketing activity, you need to leverage it to promote the campaign as a whole.

6. Ask to Subscribe

Always ask the reader to subscribe. Incentivise if needed. This will help you build on a relevant database and increase conversions for your email marketing campaign to be as successful as possible.

7. Call to Action in Email Marketing

Call to action is one of the essential elements of the email. Think it through. It could be very direct, ask the user to purchase something from your online store, and “Know More” button linked to your online store or social media page.

How do you come up with the CTA? Is it informative? Is it to generate sales? Ask yourself this question and accordingly include the suitable CTA to advertise and promote your business online effectively.

8. Support a Social Cause

It was reported that during the pandemic, readers were attracted to brand emails that showed empathy. It is part of emotional marketing and works well as it shows the humane side of any brand whilst leveraging email marketing techniques.

Simply take a stand on an environmental or social cause. Only taking a stand will not suffice. Follow through and take action. A follow-up Email on the results is a must to build brand trust.

9. Embrace Email Adaptability

One thing that 2020 taught us is that nothing is permanent. So if you thought that one email database would serve you for an extended period to advertise your business online, this would be an eyeopener for you. Adaptability plays a significant role when it comes to email marketing.

Most email marketers take at least a few days to generate their emails from inception, to design and finally to blast out the email. Unfortunately, what might have been relevant yesterday may not be today. Hence, email adaptability comes into play to understand the changing needs of your subscribers, the county and the world.

10. Keep Up-to-Date

Keeping up-to-date with significant world events and trends is essential. You could strategise your next email marketing campaign keeping in mind relevant world events or trends. Make sure the subject line outlines the issue and can even be clickbait. It could make your email go viral and further promote your online business!

11. Keep Testing

Testing is essential. Your audience is constantly evolving, and so is your brand. You need to understand these evolving market preferences and buying habits too to stay in the game.

12. Unsubscribe Is Good for You

Providing the reader with an unsubscribe button will save you time, and also, it will be one less email in the spam folder for the subscriber. You want to build on a solid database, which will help you eliminate your Email ending up in junk.

To know more about email marketing, get in touch with PowerHouse91. With a cumulative experience of 30 years, we have a varied experience in eCommerce, marketing, chain management, and technology.

With evolving markets and technology, we have deep knowledge. With young minds at work, we can quickly adapt and apply to help advertise your business online through email marketing. Do reach out at for some more email marketing tips and tricks.

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