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5 Expert Hacks to Boost Amazon FBA Sales by Earning Amazon's Choice Badge

Amazon is well-known for enticing customers.

The eCommerce giant uses several methods to enable convenient shopping on Amazon. Initially, customers could only voice order products they had previously ordered through the Amazon Echo Smart Speaker. Therefore, the e-tailer introduced Amazon’s Choice Badge to break through this limitation.

In its official statement, the company said, “We launched Amazon’s Choice in 2015 as a way to simplify shopping for customers by highlighting highly rated, well-priced products ready to ship immediately for the most popular searches on Amazon.”

Now, if you have an FBA account with Amazon, earning this badge can help you increase your sales quickly. Since it is a relatively exclusive badge, i.e., one badge for one product per keyword, you have to ensure that your Amazon products are performing well.

Amazon has not mentioned any set criteria for the sellers to earn this badge. Therefore, in this article, we have pointed down some hacks that can help you in your quest.

Key takeaways:

  1. Purpose of Amazon’s Choice Badge

  2. Boosting Your Product’s Ranking

  3. Improving Customer Reviews and Ratings

  4. Competitive Pricing

  5. Faster Shipping

  6. Efficient Inventory Management

Let us begin.

Understand Amazon's Choice Badge Purpose

Sellers, the primary use of this badge is to simplify voice shopping. When customers are looking for a convenient mode of shopping on Amazon through voice search, Amazon’s Choice Badge will come into play. As a seller, you might have the viewpoint that voice shopping in India is not pervasive. Hence, one may not opt for earning Amazon’s Choice Badge. But Amazon has a different opinion.

In a country of 1.3 billion people, half the population speaks Hindi, while only 10% of the population is English speaking. Amazon decided to break the language barrier and introduced Hindi support in Alexa in September 2019. It could prove to be an impetus in promoting voice shopping. Therefore, Amazon’s Choice Badge becomes important for third-party sellers.

So, Alexa can now help customers if they ask for something like “Ghar ka jhaadu” instead of “Broomstick for home cleaning.”

Moreover, as a seller, you must be aware that the badge has its uses outside of voice shopping. Even on a device screen, the badge holds its importance to influence purchasing decisions.

Now, we will take you through the Amazon SEO hacks to earn Amazon’s Choice Badge.

Amazon SEO To Top Amazon Search Results

Friends, the badge relies heavily on the keywords you are targeting. Well, keywords are the focal point of your Amazon SEO efforts. To rank better than your competitors and find more customers, using the right keywords is vital.

  • Perform extensive keyword research related to your product using dedicated tools such as MerchantWords.

  • Pick out the most commonly searched terms related to the product with the highest search volume, at least 5.

  • Go for misspells, long-form, short-form, and other close versions of your keywords.

Keyword Placement

Amazon uses the A9 algorithm to determine the ranking of products in the search results. Amazon Listing Optimization is the process of making the best out of this algorithm.

Product Title:

  • Write a persuasive product title by using long-form of your selected keywords and using connectors. You can also use pipes or dashes to improve readability and break keywords.

  • Avoid stuffing keywords to send out a poor impression.

Product Features:

  • Use bullet points to communicate the USP of your product.

  • Highlight the benefits customers will get after making the purchase.

Product Description:

  • Elaborate your product's USP.

  • Use long-tail as well as seed keywords to impress your customers.

  • Impress your customers with clear and high-quality images.

  • Use either an actual product image or graphic image to explain a specific feature.

Follow these practices for better results. Remember, keep tracking the performance of your target keywords.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Amazon takes the reviews and ratings of a product quite seriously. As a seller, you must proactively monitor customer feedback. Follow these steps:

  • Always seek customer's reviews after a week or so from the delivery date.

Encourage buyers to post reviews and rate your product

  • Pay special attention to the negative ones. Try and resolve the problem to convert the poor rating into a good one.

  • Follow Amazon's Community Guidelines in case of any questionable review to have them removed.

  • Try and minimize your return rates.

Answer the questions to let customers understand your product well

Competitive Pricing

eCommerce marketplaces have hundreds of sellers trying to woo customers. Therefore, you must price your product to get the maximum clicks. However, you cannot offer the lowest price among all to pull customers. There are operational costs that include the following but not limited to:

  • Amazon Commission

  • FBA Fees

  • Shipping Customs

  • Payment Wiring

  • Customer Return Fees

Take all these expenses into account to set a competitive price.

Faster Shipping

FBA by Amazon enables third-party sellers to enjoy the benefits of Prime shipping. You can become an FBA seller in 4 easy steps.

Step 1:

Register yourself as a seller on the Amazon India website.

Step 2:

Set up your account by logging in to Seller Central.

Step 3:

Update your business details and add your product listings on Amazon.

Step 4:

Sign up for Amazon FBA. Provide additional details as required. Choose an Amazon Fulfillment Centre (FC) as an Additional Place of Business (APOB). You can then ship your products to the Amazon FCs.

After performing these steps, you can receive orders on Amazon. The eCommerce platform's fulfillment team will take care of them.

Inventory Management

To save yourself from losing customers and poor reviews, you should avoid running out of stock at critical times. Amazon tools such as Manage Inventory and Selling Coach can facilitate seamless and efficient management of your stock levels.

Wrapping Up

Amazon's Choice Badge ensures a boost in your organic traffic which will result in higher conversion rates.

  • You put together every piece to become an established seller on Amazon.

  • Your optimized product listings will rank ahead of your competitors.

  • The Prime-eligible products will see more purchases.

  • The reviews and ratings will boost your credibility as a seller.

Overall, if you perform these steps and earn the badge, you can achieve more sales.

Powerhouse91 helps eCommerce brands achieve their true potential by connecting them with customers. Contact us to know more about ways to increase your customer base and sell more on eCommerce sites.

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