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5 New features of Amazon brand store

Amazon has become one of the most recognizable eCommerce marketplaces today and is trusted by millions across the world. A study shows that 89% of buyers are more likely to purchase from Amazon than any other eCommerce destination. To cater to these loyal customers and thousands of sellers worldwide, Amazon is constantly evolving and coming up with innovative features.

One such feature that is helping sellers to boost their Amazon sales is the brand store. With rising competition in the seller world, it has become important for the sellers to effectively showcase their brand and improve their brand recall among the customers. Let us begin this post by understanding what is meant by an Amazon brand store.

What is the Amazon brand store all about?

Through a brand store, Amazon allows sellers to create a customized storefront just for themselves, free of cost. The sellers can exclusively showcase their content and products by designing an aesthetically attractive page to be remembered by the visitors. A brand store can be experienced on both the mobile and desktop versions of Amazon. Previously, this feature was only available to Amazon’s primary vendors but now it has been made available to even 3rd party sellers who are registered in Amazon’s brand registry.

Benefits of your brand Store

  • You get actionable insights on store traffic through the inbuilt analytics module.

  • Amazon brand store is an excellent opportunity to build your brand's image and enhance your brand reach.

  • It gives you an option to establish an emotional connection with the customers thereby improving brand loyalty.

  • You can target customers during popular festivals by altering content, products, and running festival-specific promotional campaigns in the brand store.

  • It helps to improve the overall customer satisfaction rate and increases the number of repeat purchases.

  • In your brand store, you can set your brand logo and banner, which increases your future discoverability on other platforms as well.

  • You can drive traffic and boost leads from your externals channel to your store.

  • By having good content and a well-maintained store there is a high probability that your products can rank higher on Amazon’s organic search results.

What are the new features of the Amazon brand store in 2021?

Here are some new features introduced in the Amazon brand store for sellers in 2021 -

1. Shoppable images: In the brand store, you can now display relevant images with a rich visual appeal that has a collection of your products in the foreground. For example, if you are selling kitchen products, then you can display your products in a kitchen background. When the customer clicks on a specific product, it reveals some basic information about the Amazon product such as name, price, user rating, and whether it is available for Prime delivery. The user also has the option to go to the product description page or even add the product directly to the cart.

2. Images with description: This is a very handy feature to have in any eCommerce store. You now have an option to add a description to your product that overlays on top of the product image. The description text is completely customizable with regards to its location, alignment, size, and color. Another benefit of this feature is that it will also help to boost your store's Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) rank and increase the traffic to your store from different search engines.

3. Easy product management: Managing an online store with hundreds of products and fluctuating inventory is never an easy task. A new feature in the brand store lets you add all your products in bulk. You also have an option to automatically hide a product from the store if it goes out of stock thus improving the overall user experience.

4. Schedule your updates: This is another excellent feature to have especially if your brand likes to constantly update itself. Through this feature, you can schedule your updates well in advance and make it go live on a specific date and time.

5. New ways to reach you: Now users can find your store in multiple ways. For instance, at the bottom of the landing page of your Amazon sponsored ad, Amazon will place your brand logo and when users click on it, they will be redirected to your store.

How to create an Amazon brand store?

Here is a quick guide on how to create an Amazon brand store -

1. Register your Brand

The first thing you need to do is login to Amazon seller central (if you have an account) and register your brand using Amazon Brand Registry. You need to have the following handy before you initiate the process in the brand registry-

  • A trademark registered to your brand that would appear on your products.

  • You need to verify that you are the owner or an authorized agent of the registered trademark.

2. Design Your Store

Once registered, you can log in to your sellers account Amazon and navigate to Manage Stores to set up your store. Once done, you will be prompted with a list of eligible brands to sell on Amazon. Once selected, you will be asked to select your homepage template.

3. Create Multiple Pages

Start categorizing your products and put them on different pages. For example, build one page for best-selling products, one for products with an offer, and so on. It’s like multiple listing pages that you have for different categories in an eCommerce store. The only difference here is that your brand owns all the categories.

4. Create Content Tiles

The content tiles are the different elements on your brand store that the customers usually interact with. They typically constitute the header image, brand videos, product grid, navigation menu, etc. You can customize the content tiles individually for all the pages.

5. Add Products: Now you can categorize and add your products to the respective pages and tiles. All you have to do is pick the right Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) for each product and add it to your store.

6. Submit for review: Once all the above steps are complete, submit your store for review. Amazon usually takes a few days to approve your store.


In this post, we have seen how Amazon is going all out to make its sellers happy through features like the Amazon brand store. However, managing an eCommerce brand on your own might prevent you from chasing bigger dreams. This is where an eCommerce expert like Powerhouse91 comes in. We acquire and operate eCommerce brands on Amazon and scale it up to the next level. To know more, contact us now.

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