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8 Amazon Selling Strategies During COVID-19 to Implement for Your Business

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we live, the way we work, and most importantly, the way we shop! And while customers have gradually changed their ways to shop, businesses have also had to adapt quickly to the changing demands of the market. Technology and customer experience has gained tremendous focus over the last year.

While the Covid-19 pandemic refuses to end, eCommerce is surely to gain not just during the pandemic but also in the years to come, considering the adoption of eCommerce by customers.

Before we dive into how to sell Amazon products better, let us look into what has changed over one year regarding customer behaviour and the eCommerce business.

First, there has been a surge in apps that sell goods online, highlighting the importance of convenience in shopping during the pandemic. Thankfully, apps such as Amazon already existed and have seen a huge rise in usage.

Second, delivery options have grown. For example, FBA Amazon inventory limited non-essential categories during the lockdown, and late delivery penalties were relaxed, which supported sellers all the more.

Third, customer purchase patterns changed a little. They spent less on fashion, automobiles, and accessories and more on essentials. Finally, a pro-growth observation for online businesses has been a surge in eCommerce sales.

Now that you are convinced that the tailwinds of selling on Amazon are on your side, let us look at 8 Amazon selling strategies during COVID that can boost your business:

1. Ensure you have multiple fulfilment options:

One of the most important things to ensure during the pandemic is that your product reaches your customer. While you may do everything to promote and market your product, there is no point if you do not ensure a satisfactory delivery to your customers. This way, you risk cancellation of orders and loss of repeat business from the same customers. Ensure that you have a backup plan, and consider options like FBA by Amazon which is a very reliable delivery support service.

2. Ensure you have adequate inventory:

During COVID times, multiple regions and countries may be facing restrictions that may lead to delays in deliveries to customers and stocking up your inventory. So, before you go all out in promoting your products when selling to Amazon, ensure that you are well-stocked. Plan well in advance if you need to restock.

3. Introduce new products in currently relevant categories

Understandably, you may have a successful thing going in one category, but you may want to also enter into some of Amazon top categories selling. For example, as mentioned above, you may want to start selling in categories such as household goods or medical and allied sectors. That is where people are making most purchases at the moment.

4. Monitor the key metrics

As an Amazon seller account, you have access to various indicators and metrics that can help you decide your next step in selling your products. Bear in mind that your Amazon seller metrics directly impact your products’ ranking on the platform. The higher the rank, the better the sales prospects. These metrics can be related to various aspects such as customer experience, delivery, etc.

Some important ones are Seller ranking, Product ranking, Order Defect Rate (ODR), etc.

5. Communicate better with your audience

When you are listing your products on your Amazon seller account, ensure that you are putting up images, product descriptions and videos tailored to your target audience.

For example, if you are selling an eyebrow trimmer, ensure that you put up some videos on how to use it and put up relevant pictures and product specifications. Giving some reasons or context during the pandemic, like avoiding going out unless you need to (salons, in this case), can further strengthen your target audience’s case to buy your product.

6. Promote your products

So you listed your products and gave all necessary product information on your Amazon seller account. Now, the next step is to ensure that your products are discovered on Amazon to get more sales. You may consider advertising your products on Amazon. Further, you can participate in Amazon sale for festive days and seasons, lightning deals, etc.

You can also be part of the Subscribe and Save program. Besides these, coupons, discounts, and even bundling related products (e.g., buy two, get one) can serve as great promotional tools. Ensure that you discuss your options with someone at Amazon to make the most out of your marketing spends.

7. Spend wisely on advertising

Even if you have decided to promote your products inorganically through Amazon’s many promotional options, searching for specific keywords and avoiding too common keywords can help boost your sales by reducing your cost per click spend.

8. Make customer delight a priority

All things said and done, your customer remains your priority. So, even if it has been tough in the last 12 months, make sure you give your best to your customers. Be it answering customer questions on Amazon, ensuring timely returns and refunds, and so on.

Remember, you will prosper as an Amazon seller account only if you delight your customers which will help you get more reviews and in turn, more sales. After all, reviews are one of the only measures of credibility in eCommerce sales.

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