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Five Proven Ways To Drive External Traffic to Your Amazon Listings

In a survey carried out by Statista in 2019 covering Amazon buyers, it was revealed that about 66% of potential buyers research a product directly on the Amazon platform. The data says a lot about the popularity of the platform! As a seller on Amazon, you do everything possible to catch this set of potential customers' attention. What happens to the 34% of people who do not search for products on Amazon? They are active online - somewhere outside Amazon. Suppose you are keen to grow your market by selling in Amazon, thereby your customer base, sales, and revenues. In that case, you need to extend your advertising and marketing efforts beyond the Amazon ecosystem.

What is Amazon listing, and why is Amazon listing optimization vital for my business?

Each product page of your business that you sell on Amazon is known as an Amazon listing. Amazon listing optimization helps drive better conversions and ranking on search result pages. It helps drive a competitive edge to your business online and involves paying attention to the minutest details of your product listing. What is at the core of all of this?

It is the vision of every Amazon seller to drive traffic to their product listing. To get traffic, Amazon sellers indulge in vociferous marketing on Amazon, often focused only on the traffic being generated from Amazon and ignoring the external traffic generated outside Amazon. It is time to work proactively to garner attention for your Amazon listings from all ends so that traffic and sales can be driven comprehensively.

Here are the top five proven ways to drive external traffic to your Amazon listings:

1. Your Amazon product listing must be search engine optimized, both for ON and OFF Amazon.

As an Amazon seller, one of the first things that you might be doing is to optimize your product listing for Amazon. That's a great way to attract 66% of the potential buyers using the Amazon landscape to buy products. Not just that, though! To attract the remaining 34% of the online traffic, it is essential to optimize the product listing. Search engines like Google or Bing show up Amazon product results at the very top of the SERP

when your potential buyers look for a similar product. All thanks to the domain authority of Amazon. When your Amazon listing is written well, all the leading search engines automatically crawl towards these products. Thus, it is necessary to work on Amazon listing SEO - ensure the use of crisp and well-placed keywords, and follow other guidelines of Amazon product listing. In a nutshell, listing optimization on Amazon and off Amazon is critical for business success.

2. Pick the external sources carefully

It is a good idea to dwell in-depth on which sources you would like to use to drive external traffic - the mix has to be well-balanced and perfect. Take professional help so that selling a product on Amazon becomes a smooth ride. Every social media platform has its own set of pros and cons. For example, Pinterest is not a very widely used platform for advertising product listings on Amazon, but if you have visually appealing images, it is imperative to use Pinterest to drive optimized results. Social media platforms are productive when it comes to driving brand identity.

Besides social media, external traffic can be driven using email marketing. Websites are ideal for building your email database and keep the data updated. The logic is to have a list of the high-on-conversion databases so that the engagement can be focus-oriented and performance-driven. Email marketing has tremendous potential if done the right


3. Paid Advertising on Facebook

One of the best sources of external traffic is Facebook. Investing in Facebook paid advertising is not only the most popular method of boosting external traffic to your Amazon product listing but also one that is effective.

On Facebook, the advantage is that you can work with a very targeted market with defined parameters. Facebook advertising helps you to set specific attributes of your target market. You offer the interested audience a chance to either go directly to your Amazon page or create a separate landing page for the ad. The advantage of the former method is that it helps close the gap between the interested prospect and the checkout button, while the advantage of the latter is that you get the chance to quality the traffic before directing it to the Amazon product page.

4. Harnessing the power of Google Ads for sale with Amazon

Most Amazon sellers do not consider Google a viable platform for selling their Amazon product listings; Google is a valuable platform, without a doubt. The two most popularly used Google ad types are -

· Shopping ads

· Search ads

Amazon sellers can lead the traffic from the ads direct to the Amazon product listing or their website. The website for sure needs to meet the Google standards. Using either method helps not only drive better sales but also indulge in customer engagement and marketing opportunities.

5. Optimise your Amazon listings and ads for Amazon by avoiding these mistakes.

Some of the common mistakes that Amazon sellers need to avoid to drive external traffic include:

  • Using poor quality images.

  • Using sub-standard content.

  • Using content that does not connect and engage the audience.

  • Focusing only on sales pitch.

  • Using content that is not diversified.

  • Not using clickable links in the ad or the caption.

  • Not making Instagram stories or relevant hashtags on Instagram and using the same in their advertising on Amazon.

  • Not being active on social media, especially platforms like Twitter.

  • Not leveraging the power of social media influencers.

Influencers have proven to be the best spokesperson for brands and online sellers. They are part of the audience who vet the product - such reviews and conversations are sure to be heard by the others who belong to the same fraternity.


It is important to pay heed to external sources that drive traffic to your Amazon listings. Whether you strategize to use these sources for advertising your Amazon best sellers list or using them to qualify leads and engage potential customers, it is a great idea to have a professional assisting you in all of this.

Looking at broadening your horizon and going beyond the typical Amazon echo chamber? With Powerhouse91, your brand is in the best hands. Powerhouse91 helps you leverage eCommerce businesses' fullest potential backed by expertise, experience, and technical strength. Find out how by contacting us at

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