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Guide to Split Testing for Amazon Product Listing

As many as 500 million products fight for limelight on eCommerce giant Amazon’s platform on a regular basis. In such a competitive scenario, it has become absolutely crucial for sellers to come up with ways that can make their products stand out from the rest. This is where split testing comes into the picture.

Counted among the most effective ways of optimising Amazon product listings, split testing is a tried and tested technique that helps sellers bolster both the engagement and the sales of their services and products.

Also called Amazon A/B testing, split sellers often employ testing on the eCommerce platform to identify their best performing variation of products and their most successful pricing range. Fundamentally, it is an experimental tactic using which Amazon sellers are able to test out different variations of a particular product. These variations may be with respect to either the product’s name, its featured photo or even its description. Sellers looking to increase their profit margins on eCommerce platforms must split testing for it is an intrinsic part of Amazon product listing and plays a pivotal role in Amazon listing optimisation. It makes use of sales performance and customer feedback to inform the sellers what is working for them and otherwise.

Why is Split Testing Important?

As an Amazon seller, A/B testing not only presents you with the scope of testing two variations but also lets you try different ranges and spectrums of variables to help you settle upon the most profitable Amazon product listing. It does not restrict the number of times that you want to test a version, all the while allowing you to employ various approaches while you’re at it.

Subsequently, it presents you with a detailed picture of the problem that you are facing and warns you of the impact that it may have on your business. The ideal course of action, in most cases, is first to conduct a comprehensive competitive analysis, and then proceed with experimenting with the multiple techniques that you have at your disposal. This particular window is also considered to be the most suitable for optimising a product listing.

What does Split Testing Offer?

Split testing is an obvious solution for all those sellers on Amazon who are keen on increasing their sales conversion and subsequently boost their year-end profit margins. Not only is it among the most innovative ways of optimising a product listing, but also a surefire method of improving your sales performance. A vital factor that influences sales performance are completely optimised listings. There are many things that a seller has to take into account prior to carrying out A/B testing.

A few of these factors include ensuring the keywords are getting indexed by Amazon, and captivating the attention of your target demographic by making use of visually appealing thumbnail images. The ultimate goal is to increase the visibility of your products and services on Amazon. Greater the visibility, greater is the probability of your leads having a superior conversion rate.

Sellers, however, must keep their pricing ideal should they wish for their split testing to be successful. Optimising their pricing helps sellers boost their sales numbers and improve their profit margins in the process. Moreover, split testing helps sellers register an increase in CTR and a rise in the session duration of their visitors. Eventually, these factors contribute towards helping them achieve their end-goal of ranking higher in user searches.

How to Run Split Testing?

At the outset, split testing comprises multiple tests that let sellers observe their customers’ activities by making modifications to their listings. What you are doing in essence is influencing your customers’ retail journeys and helping them arrive at informed purchase decisions. How do you do it? By carrying out the following tasks:

  • Product Title Optimisation: A good practice while optimising your listing is to ensure that the name of the brand is placed first in the product title in question. This is vital, for it determines the appearance of the product in the users’ search results. Keep in mind the fact that every element of your product title will undergo split testing. So, in order to analyse and observe the change, you would need to execute two different listings simultaneously.

  • Optimise Your Pricing: As a parameter, price optimisation is extremely important when it comes to the sales of the product. In order to increase their sales rank, sellers must concern themselves with optimising the pricing of their products. As was the case with product title optimisation, here also, the seller has to run two listings at the same time. One of these variations could showcase the discounted price of the product, while the other can be put up at the normal rate.

  • Optimise Bullet Points: Sellers are required to strategically place the keywords in bullet points so that they are able to effectively cover all the queries and questions that customers pose before making a purchase. In order to have a completely optimised product listing, a seller needs to feed a combination of bullet points that align best with their interests.

  • Optimise Product Description: Product descriptions act as the sales copy for the product in question. Hence, it is important that sellers put their best foot forward while writing these pitches so that they are able to maximise the conversion of their visitors into paying customers.

  • Optimise Product Images: Not all customers bother with reading the description of a product before buying it. This demographic forms their opinion based on the product images that are featured on the eCommerce platforms. There are usually two images that are put up. One is the thumbnail, and the other is the main image of the product.

Make the most with Powerhouse91

Creating a brand requires a lot of effort, and we understand that. Here at Powerhouse91 we appreciate what you have built and reward you accordingly with a chance to continue to benefit from the profits as your brand grows. We guide prospective Amazon sellers with the best split testing practices to increase their product visibility and drive up their engagement and sales numbers in the process.

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