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How does great packaging benefit sellers?

The moment you walk into a supermarket or a retail store, you are bombarded by a diverse range of brightly colored goods. These visually appealing products tell the story of their respective brands. For example, you can notice a Coke bottle from a distance thanks to its alluring combination of red and black. Such products’ packaging is enough to invoke an emotion that the customers can relate to.

The role of packaging is also critical in an eCommerce marketplace like Amazon since you are competing with thousands of other sellers. Good packaging goes a long way in building a powerful brand for your business on Amazon.

Let’s start by identifying the different benefits offered by the practice of great product packaging in Amazon.

Most sellers put in a lot of effort to boost their products' ranking through Amazon SEO, PPC campaigns, and advertising in the hope of becoming an Amazon best seller. Such activities are focused on driving customer traffic to the Amazon product listing page. But these efforts are worthy only if the customer is satisfied with the product.

Driving your customers through marketing while satisfying them at the delivery time helps you retain a loyal customer base for a long time. This is where good packaging helps. Here are some of the top benefits offered by it -

Ensures the goodness of your product throughout the transit

Customers love to see products in their pristine condition. Good packaging helps your products stay in their original form even after days of traveling. Products need to be constantly protected from damage during the entire shipping process, fighting vagaries such as weather and accidental drops. As a seller, it is also your responsibility to ensure that the packing material is sturdy enough to sustain the shipping and delivery agencies' rough handling.

You definitely don’t want your product to be returned due to shipping damage. You will incur additional losses as you have to compensate the buyer with a brand new product.

Bolsters your brand image and perception among customers

Suppose you want to feature in the Amazon best sellers list. In that case, building a visual identity for your brand is crucial as it serves as an important marketing channel for your business. To make your brand visible to the customers, you will have to maintain high quality in all aspects of your supply chain. From packaging to delivery, every minute ‘attention to detail’ can help you turn your product into one of the top-selling products on Amazon.

In the case of physical stores, customers can see the products before initiating a purchase. But in the case of online shopping, the first thing they see is the packaging that can influence their future buying decisions with your brand. 72% of American consumers say that their purchase is highly influenced by the packaging design.

Increased visibility of your products

Packaging has a vital role in boosting your rank in the Amazon search because it can positively impact customers’ minds. Such customers will end up giving positive reviews. Higher the positive reviews, the higher the chance of your products becoming one of the best-selling products on Amazon. But remember, the keyword ‘packaging’ is often subtle in most customer reviews. Customers often use words like ‘fast delivery’ and ‘received in excellent condition’ instead of directly talking about packaging.

Amazon product packaging design tips

Keep it clear and simple

Customers love it when information about a product is easily and readily available. The key to good product packaging is being simple. Do not rummage your product with not-so-important information. Instead try to list the crucial information about the product, which the customer would love to read.

Aesthetics is important

While Amazon ships about 1.6 million products every day, it is up to you to ensure that your product and packaging stand out to the customers. The numbers can be higher during a sale in Amazon. Minimalistic design along with vibrant colors is a deadly combination that will draw customers towards your products.

Include contact information

While providing contact details of sellers registered with Amazon is not mandatory, there is no harm in providing it. It shows that the seller is transparent and open to feedback and opinions. This will make your customers more comfortable with your brand.

Giving utmost importance to customer convenience

No one wants to waste their time unpacking layers and layers of product packaging. Ergonomic packaging designs are more important than covering it with multiple layers of product packaging. Many brands are spending hours brainstorming on how to boost the unwrapping experience of customers.

Choosing the right packaging for your product

1. Box packaging

This is the most common type of packaging in Amazon as it is sturdy and offers better protection to products. Box packaging also allows more space for effective branding, allowing you to display miscellaneous information about your product.

2. Sleeve packaging

Sleeve packaging is a simple fold cardboard packaging that is sturdy but offers less protection than box packaging. Although it is aesthetically pleasing, it is advisable to wrap your products with bubble wraps before packaging.

3. Bag packaging

This is the most cost-effective packaging that is ideal for simple, flexible and inexpensive products. Products such as clothing and rubber items often come in bag packaging. You can also add your brand elements to bag packaging made of poly or plastic bags. Some brands use renewable packaging that gets acclaimed support from customers.

Closing thoughts

Many brands who have taken packaging lightly in the past have suffered from low customer satisfaction and loss of future business. But those who have thought of it have managed to build a large customer base for their brand. Such sellers enjoy a lot of repeat purchases from these customers. It is even recommended to hire professionals to create and design packaging for your products.

However, selling in Amazon, especially by taking hundreds of factors (like packaging) into consideration is not easy. You need to put in a lot of effort and time to succeed as a seller. If that’s not possible, then you can partner with an eCommerce expert like Powerhouse91 who can guide you to become a successful eCommerce brand within a short span of time.

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