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How to get better reviews on eCommerce marketplaces

Consumer buying behavior towards the eCommerce marketplace has been dramatically changing. The trend is shifting to online purchases from offline purchases due to varied reasons and will witness an upward swing with time. It is is where the role of reviews does come into the picture. Reviews are an essential influencer in driving the decision-making of the consumer. Even research studies confirm that most customers gain the confidence to make a purchase post reading a positive product review. The majority of the sellers believe that earning reviews on significant eCommerce portals like Amazon, Flipkart, and more is quite challenging. If you, too, are looking towards the most proven strategies to get better reviews on eCommerce marketplaces to scale your business, here read on: -

Strategies that fall under the category of “The Amazon Way.”

The Amazon Way refers to the programs and methods rolled out by Amazon to help customers to leave their reviews.

  • Automated follow-up system

Empowered with the dynamic automatic email system, Amazon encourages shoppers to share a review of the product purchased or share an experience in case of any concern related to the product. If you are confident about your product, you can further share a second request post the automated request shared by Amazon by using a feature named “Use Amazon's 'Request a Review' button.” Listed under the purview of Seller Central’s Order Reports, this feature enables you to send a follow-up mail in an automated way within 4 to 30 days of purchase.

  • Bulk Request Review

With Jungle Scout’s Extension, it is now possible to “Request a Review” related to Amazon FBA orders in bulk instead of sharing a request associated with every individual order. To gain access to the “Request a Review” feature, you need to check out the order page featuring “Amazon Seller Central.” Clicking “Request a Review” will activate a standardized email persuading the customer to review/rate your product.

  • Leverage the Amazon Early Reviewer program

This dynamic platform of Amazon means to encourage the shopper to share reviews related to the new products. Amazon offers a $5 gift card in exchange for a review shared by a shopper. To activate the “Amazon Early Reviewer program,” you require submitting a product and agreeing to the terms related to the program.

  • Register your product at the Amazon Vine Program

Use the Amazon Vine program, providing a win-win for the sellers and the consumers in many ways. A seller requires submitting 30 units of a product. After that, reviewers get a product at no cost. They test the product, and then based on the product performance, they share a review.

Strategies that fall under the category of “Seller Methods.”

  • Automated email responders by third-party

Besides using the internal automated responder offered by Amazon, numerous sellers opt for the third-party responders for sending messages via the seller messaging system of Amazon. However, you are only entitled to send permitted messages meant to request feedback.

  • Generate email list

Be it Third-party automated responders or seller messaging systems, they both come with their own set of limitations. It is where a customized email list can emerge as a robust tool to communicate with your ideal customers. Cheap, effective, and automated email marketing has always been a reliable strategy to communicate with your target audience. There are various proven ways to build an email list, from social media to creating a blog equipped with a “Subscribe” feature. Once you have prepared the mailing list, it is time to request reviews from your shoppers who have already purchased your product.

  • Employ product inserts

Product inserts have emerged as another beneficial strategy to encourage product reviews from the shoppers if you pursue the best practices related to the same. Remaining neutral is the best way to communicate with your shoppers. You can boost the reviews by providing helpful information about the product and incentivizing people to follow you over social media or join your mailing list.

  • Moderate negative reviews

Many sellers, unfortunately, resort to the grey methods, black-hat and illegal methods instead of legitimate ways to generate reviews. Such practices are not encouraged by eCommerce brands. Getting reviews quickly through using these ideas may seem like an attractive tactic; however, they come with a risk. Any eCommerce brand does not appreciate any manipulation for incentivizing reviews, and they have formulated strict provisions for the violation of the “Review Guidelines.” If your product is earning negative reviews, you can leverage a highly functional tool named “Jungle Scout’s Alert.” It will send you a notification related to poor seller feedback or review so that you can brainstorm how to deal with it.

  • Social Media

There is no shortage of result-driven social media strategies, from Facebook retargeting to creating a Blog to share in-depth knowledge and insights into your products. Nevertheless, if your product is not reliable or low-quality, no strategy can help you build your ideal consumers’ trust. Primarily if you aim to garner genuine 5-star reviews, you must strive to offer the best-in-class products devoid of any concerns.

  • Thanking reviewers

Thanking the top reviewers for sharing the best reviews is a foolproof strategy to enhance your brand image further. This sincere gesture will not go unnoticed by even the potential reviewers. To also take the effectiveness to the next level, you can reach them with a well-designed follow-up email. Personalized email enhances the chance of receiving a reply from them. Besides these, do not forget to curate a contact list to continue building a robust email list.

  • Regularly special promotions and discounts

Reasonable pricing is a sure-shot way to engage customers and drive loyalty. However, offering exclusive discounts and special promotions in exchange for the best reviews is a perfect strategy to align with reasonable pricing to encourage shoppers to leave a review.

The bottom line

The market is buzzed with a range of products across all categories. The more the products, the more challenging it becomes for the consumer to select the right product and remain loyal. Reviews have remained an integral aspect of eCommerce marketplaces. Directly impacting the conversion rate to influencing sales, positive best reviews have helped businesses unlock authority. There is no shortcut to attract potential shoppers and persuade existing shoppers to remain loyal. Building credibility that converts into positive reviews being with offering quality-driven products meant to solve consumers’ problems.

With the help of a reliable tech-driven eCommerce company like Powerhouse91, you not only can leverage the advantage of the best reviews but can strengthen your brand in multiple ways on the eCommerce marketplace. Be the authority in your industry by leveraging the expertise of Powerhouse91 that operates, acquires, and scales small and medium-sized brands on eCommerce marketplaces with its cutting-edge products.

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