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Why isn’t your product selling on Amazon?

Amazon has taken the e-commerce marketplace by storm accumulating a net worth of 7.1 trillion dollars. It has become a household name, owing to 55% of customers resorting to it, and not Google, to check product availability.

Amazon shopping has eased out business functions and opened floodgates of opportunities for sellers and entrepreneurs. Today, with 4.5 billion internet users, people prefer Amazon to order products ranging in different categories. You can register as an Amazon seller, taking the first step towards global expansion. You can venture into different categories such as beauty and health, groceries, electronics, personal care, home and kitchen, the best-selling products on Amazon. Selling products on Amazon is easy, with Amazon Global Selling and a registered seller account. You can sleep in peace while Amazon takes care of all your orders.

While businesses might bag on great opportunities, the only concern is, “Why isn’t my product selling on Amazon?” Amazon has listings of lakhs of products, because of which not all products achieve the desired levels of sales. Despite ad and listing optimisation, the product does not sell. To find a solution, Indian sellers must first answer these questions:

  1. What is it that the sellers are missing?

  2. Which are the top-selling products on Amazon?

  3. How can your product be the next Amazon best-seller?

  4. What are the top-performing product companies doing differently?

  5. What ads are suitable for your product?

  6. Is there a considerable demand for your Amazon product?

To tackle these questions, here is a list of seven reasons why your product isn’t selling on Amazon.

  • Lack of Demand

Potential customers find products on Amazon through a generic search. Lack of demand, comparable top-selling products and irrelevant keyword volume lead to the downfall of product demand. Customers must find your product easily via a simple search.

Indian sellers should focus on these aspects:

1. Are the keywords used relevant to your product?

Keywords play a huge role in the searchability and sales velocity of the product. You must carefully monitor the keyword search volume and the relevant phrases used. It will help increase the chances of your product popping up on customer search. Use tools like SEMrush or Amazon-specific search volume estimator to find the relevant keywords.

2. Is there another similar product already performing well on Amazon?

If similar products are already doing well on Amazon, you need to look at their sales volume. Brand affinity, positive reviews, ad optimisation and effective listings will help increase product demand.

  • Product indexation

Amazon indexes your product for the relevant keyword phrases used. Use the words with a high search volume and relevance. You want your product listing to appear on the first page of the Amazon search queries, then your product indexation is necessary. If your product lacks indexation, the sales are likely to be low.

Carefully look at the keywords that are ranking for your competitors on the search engine listings page (SERP). After identifying the loopholes, start with a new keyword research. Next, rewrite your listing and monitor the changes.

  • Image optimisation

Image optimisation is necessary when selling to Amazon as the platform displays products on the SERP in both desktop and mobile interfaces. Lack of optimisation leads to lower sales. You must choose the relevant primary image as it will appear in most places like desktop, mobile interface, thumbnail and ads.

You must compare your thumbnail image to your competitors. Use all the image slots to highlight the relevant content of the product. Make sure that you appropriately size the products. If these are the loopholes present in your listing, you have found your reason for low sales.

  • Copy Optimisation

A well-crafted product copy plays an important role in the success of a product. For conversions, the listing text must compel your customers to buy your product. You must carefully craft the copy content as keyword stuffing is futile. While focusing on the listings title text, additional structure data such as back-end search terms is equally important.

Sellers often make the mistake of only focusing on the title text and not the copy. It leads to an overall increase in ads cost and non-conversion of your customers as buyers.

You must write content keeping the customer in mind. Do proper keyword research relevant to your product.

  • Lack of Reviews

Amazon ensures the reviews received by their sellers are authentic and provide positive feedback for other potential customers.

I. Positive reviews are essential for conversions on Amazon.

II. They improve the credibility of the product.

You can use Early Reviewer Program, Vine, Third-Party Tools or the Request A Review Button to gather reviews. Amazon recommends that a minimum of 25 positive product reviews are necessary to be retail ready.

  • Traffic or Conversion Problem

Amazon provides a report called the Detail Sales and Traffic Report by Child Item, which shows your product’s unit session percentage, conversion percentage, page views and sessions. Reviewing this data is necessary to identify traffic or conversion problems for your product listing. Monitor your high-ranking keywords and use ads to generate additional sales.

  • Ad optimisation

Ad optimisation including, structure and effectiveness, will determine your keyword ranking. A combination of performance-based and ranking campaigns will determine if your product will be profitably competitive.

Advertising on Amazon is highly effective and, once your conversions increase, you can reduce your ad spend. Learn how to run ads through Amazon Learning Console and enjoy higher conversions.


These are some reasons your product isn’t selling on Amazon. Find the relevant loopholes and alter your actions to gain higher conversions for your Amazon product listing.

Your products on Amazon must make it to the top-selling list or receive the Amazon best-seller badge to pop up on customer search pages. Powerhouse 91 is revolutionizing the e-commerce space. We are also operating on Amazon to provide first-class customer experience and sales enhancements. If your brand meets the criteria, partner with us and see your Amazon listings convert.

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