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50 Strategies to Improve Sales for your eCommerce business in India

Started your eCommerce business in India, but it isn’t performing well enough? Not able to generate sales as expected? We’re here with 50 e-business sales goals and strategies that will help elevate your business.

Old but Gold Ideas

  1. Promoting a sale among your family and friends is the easiest. If they don’t buy, ask them to share the advertisements.

  2. Organize/attend events to demonstrate your products and expand the reach of your e-business to customers who couldn’t be discovered otherwise.

  3. Get your products advertised in a local newspaper or magazine to attract local customers with ease.

  4. Marketing through SMS is an older technique but can be considered if it gets you, customers.

  5. Conducting a sale by handing out flyers to your neighbors will let them know that what they want is available nearby and easily.

  6. Engaging local shop owners in selling your products will surely increase your reach to local customers.

  7. Chalk up a sale through podcasts or consider running ads on local FM.

Offer Gifts and Freebies

  1. Offering discount codes is one of the best e-business strategies and is a sure-shot way to attract customers, especially in India.

  2. Freebies and samples tempt patrons. They offer an opportunity to turn browsers into your customers.

  3. Offering gifts with certain purchases draws the attention of buyers to your brand.

  4. A thank-you note is a considerate way to charm customers that many eCommerce companies implement. This can also be coupled with a discount code.

Personalized Methods

  1. Send personalized emails with user names or recommendations based on the customer’s past preferences.

  2. Heartily welcome your customer with a welcome email when they first sign up. Attach a promo code, such as a free shipping offer on the first purchase, to make them feel preferred.

  3. Email newsletters informing subscribers about new arrivals or stock availability of their wishlist items may invite customers to make purchases.

Website and App Development

  1. To keep users engaged, consider developing an app just for your business. Create an online store and make shopping easy for them.

  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is of utmost importance for eCommerce companies. Ensure that your website is fully optimized with the keywords that your audience is searching with.

  3. Turn empty shopping carts into loaded ones with inviting deals or offers that the user has not looked at.

  4. Without engaging physical personnel, installing a chatbot on your webpage/app is a personalized way of getting to know the likes and dislikes of your audience.

  5. 84% of people trust online reviews as much as their friends. Hence, don’t forget to include product reviews on the product page.

  6. Manifesting the preferences of members over other customers is a highly proven e-business strategy. This turns one-time purchasers into long-term members.

Social Media and Other Channels

  1. Sell on Reddit. With the abundant opportunities on Reddit, you can choose the ones that are best suited for your product and enhance your sales.

  2. Selling through your Twitter bio should be a primary sales goal. With just 160 words, you’ve to form a captivating bio and leave a link to your webpage. This may get you a good number of customers.

  3. You can also generate customers using your Instagram bio. Frame a strong bio with an inviting call-to-action.

  4. Join Facebook groups that are best aligned with your niche. They have members across geographies. Joining them will give you new insights into your products.

  5. Another lucrative sales method is through channels like Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, etc., by accessing their wide customer base.

  6. Running a time-limited sale creates urgency among customers, encouraging them to indulge in impulsive buying.

  7. Creating a Telegram channel for your brand can grab you, customers, among Telegram users.

  8. Enlarge your customer base by setting up a WhatsApp business account, creating a catalog, and using its special tools.

  9. Place ads on sites like Google AdWords and Google AdSense. This is one of the most favored approaches by various eCommerce companies.

  10. Create Facebook/Instagram ads to promote your products among the large base of the platforms’ users.

  11. Get a sale from LinkedIn Ads. It is a perfect platform to gain sales in the business-to-business eCommerce segment.

  12. With an active Facebook page for your brand, reach out to customers having queries on Facebook Messenger and convert them into sales

  13. Encourage your followers to buy your products by connecting with them over Instagram DM conversations.

  14. You can also sell products via the Facebook shop.

  15. Secure customers by creating an Instagram page for your brand and provide your followers easy access to your products.

  16. Continuous posts on Instagram/WhatsApp/Facebook stories may also help secure a big audience.

  17. Try sales through lead magnets. These are free gifts/services given to the audience for obtaining their contact details.

  18. Gain sales through Instagram Gift Cards stickers, an extremely easy and fun way to interact with your audience and turn them into customers.

  19. Try sales via popups. Popups are effective in drawing the attention of users and more effective in enticing first-time buyers.

  20. Use Beamer to generate sales. This tool works as a newsfeed for your brand. Use it to announce product launches, offers, and other significant updates to keep your audience engaged.

  21. Pinterest is another useful platform to generate sales. By opening a business account on Pinterest, you can generate good sales.

YouTubers, Influencers, Bloggers

  1. Affiliate marketing is a highly emerging trend, where you get sales through affiliates who market your products.

  2. Score sales by creating blog posts for your products. This will also help your customers to know your business and products better.

  3. Making videos on your products, their usage, benefits, and other relevant subjects will not only tackle users’ questions/doubts about your products but would also encourage them to buy.

  4. Partner with an influencer who has your target audience among their followers. This can boost your sales phenomenally.

  5. You can undoubtedly secure sales by posting creative videos on your brand’s YouTube channel.

  6. Getting reviews from YouTubers is an intelligent way to score sales. Get them to review your product or just use it in one of their videos.

  7. Reach out to bloggers in your segment and get them to write a review of your product.

  8. You can record sales via loyalty programs. Certain programs are more effective than others.

  9. Lastly, focus on retargeting, which is the exercise of sending targeted ads to users who have interacted with your brand earlier.


These strategies can change the way you do your business if implemented correctly. If you are facing challenges in enhancing the sales of your products and need expert assistance, then we, at Powerhouse91, are there for you. We are a team of experts with 10+ years of experience in eCommerce and can help you build your eCommerce brand and guide you in your growth journey. Reach out to us at to know more!

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