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How to increase the discover-ability of your products on Amazon?

You build your brand around a fantastic product that you completely believe in, yet you don’t see your sales go up. You wonder why? Yes, the internet has given wings to small and large businesses to sell products with ease. With a growing number of businesses on eCommerce portals, there is also a problem of discoverability. Your potential buyers may not even know that your product exists.

To boost your sales when you are selling products on Amazon, you must take a few steps to enhance your products’ visibility.

Here are a few tips as to how you can go about increasing the discoverability of your products on Amazon:

1) Sponsored Products

One way to boost your searchability and boost sales is by using Amazon Sponsored Ads. With this tool, you as a business selling to amazon can achieve three business goals: i) Get discovered by advertising your brand. These ads appear with highly visible placements within the buyers’ search results. ii) Drive sales as you can reach those customers who have searched for products similar to yours. iii) Run targeted keyword ads specific to your products, which would be visible to your prospects.

Further, you only pay for clicks that your ads get, and therefore, it is a cost-effective option. Besides, you get access to campaign reports that allow you to track advertising expenditure and performance to refine your advertising campaign. With bidding starting at only Re.1. and 2000 free ad credits for new businesses selling to Amazon, it is a tool worth trying.

Here’s how you can use the Sponsored Products tool:

· Enter the product category and keywords

· Now, to find the right keywords, you would need to step into the customer’s shoes and figure out the closest word they would search to get to your product. Ensure that you do proper SEO research.

· Your ads appear on the product listing with a tag “Sponsored Products” on top of the product listing image.

· Those interested in purchasing your products click on them, and Amazon takes them to the page where your offer details appear.

If someone clicks on your ad while shopping online on Amazon, the company will charge you for that click.

You can start making your ads by logging into your selling Amazon account and using the Seller Central dashboard.

2) Product Catalogue

Amazon also offers a service called Product Catalogue to those businesses that have products selling in Amazon. This a unique product listing catalog, where you can show all your products on

Here's what you need to take care of:

Title: The title of your product catalogue allows your buyers to understand exactly what you’re selling. Make sure that you provide the right details. Amazon recommends that you follow the below guidelines for the title.

· You should capitalize the first letter of each word.

· Use more numerals and avoid too much text (50 ml, 75 kg, etc.)

· Provide the value of bundled products, which is essentially a deal you give your buyer if they buy more than one product, e.g., pack of two or buy two get one free.

· Make sure your title has less than 200 characters.

Keywords: As you are aware, prospective customers use various words to search for products on Google and Amazon. In that case, as mentioned above, ensure that your keywords are relevant.

Description: This gives buyers more details on the main features, specifications of your product. Some best practices are:

· Placing key features in well-organized bullet points.

· Give all information related to technical details such as color, brand, etc.

· Add other information such as customer reviews, amazon best seller rank, etc.

Images & Videos: Provide good-quality, high-resolution images to showcase your products well. Ensure that your buyers can zoom into the image appropriately. The following tip can help:

· Provide images that are in TIFF format or JPG format.

· Images should have a minimum resolution of 500 pixels.

· Images should not have colored backgrounds.

· Eliminate watermarks and text from images, if any.

Videos can be great for technical products as they can demonstrate their usage. Videos are beneficial for gadgets, instruments, healthcare items, personal care items, etc.

As you can see, selling products offline via physical stores and online via Amazon offers two very different sets of things. While in an offline experience, the buyers get to see and touch products that may catch their attention. In an online shopping experience, the discoverability of your products can be a challenge.

Your selling experience can drastically change if you consider these tools to enhance your visibility. These tools can help you make most events like Amazon’s Sales and everyday things such as “Amazon offers for today.” You can also become one of Amazon’s top-selling accounts.

Now, if you are a business owner who has successfully created your eCommerce brand on Amazon and similar platforms, you deserve a pat on the back!

We at Powerhouse91 understand what it takes to build a successful online brand. In any case, if you are considering selling your business and cash it out, we can help.

Powerhouse91 is a technology-driven eCommerce firm in the business of acquiring, operating, and scaling up small and medium-sized brands with category-winning products on eCommerce marketplaces.

We at Powerhouse91 are interested in acquiring strong eCommerce brands that add value to the marketplace. We aim to nurture these brands and take them a notch higher in their areas of business.

If you are interested in exploring a deal to sell off your brand, whether it is to cash it out or invest somewhere else, you can get in touch with Powerhouse91.

Visit Powerhouse91’s website, get your business evaluated in just two weeks, and get the value your business truly deserves!

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