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Life After Exit

Sold your business, now what to do?

Do you own businesses in different industries and are still looking for a change? No need to worry. Well, it is a good sign that you want to follow your dreams and are ready to take the plunge. When you have been doing the same thing for several years, it is easy to continue with the routine, instead of starting anew.

There is never a perfect time or age to sell your old business and begin with something new. Though many entrepreneurs are more likely to feel isolated for a while there is no need to worry as the next big thing will be right around the corner. It seems obvious in retrospect as you have spent years in a business and suddenly it’s gone. However, you can also see this as a wonderful opportunity to do anything you have always wished to.

Most entrepreneurs are not prepared for the emotions they will go through once they have sold their business. So it becomes important that as you exit your business, you proceed into something else that engages you. Remember that you are more than just your venture and you should now consider the other facets of your life.

Why is selling your business not that bad?

First of all, understand that it is completely fine to sell your business. Few retailers struggle with the concept, especially if it’s a venture built from scratch. Entrepreneurs sell their businesses for many reasons. Whether you are looking forward to retirement, feeling overworked, or just ready to move on to the next chapter of your life, selling your business can be extremely rewarding. And, if you take the right approach, the profit can fund your next business or will give you the financial freedom you have dreamed of all your life.

Many business owners do not spare time to engage in activities outside their work. This is despite their ability to set their own schedules. Post-sale life is quite different from what many expect. You may also reach out to the people in your network who have been through a sale. So think twice before you leap. Even if you opt to assist the new owner during the transition period, take at least a few weeks off in the meantime. Ensure that you have taken enough time to decompress before fully pursuing your new business ideas.

Planning your post-exit is important

It is not easy for owners to separate their identity from their businesses. Proper planning of exit from your business will provide you with the time and space to picture yourself without your business. Those who did not devise a plan before the sale can still take steps to plan for the next phase of their life.

Exiting your business is indeed a life-changing process and not a discrete event, and it can affect various aspects of your life – personal, financial, and business. Always remember, such business transitions are emotional events. Preparation helps you to picture your life beyond the company and improves your chances for a positive outcome. With proper planning, you can design the next best phase of your life. Below is the transition roadmap that can help you in setting your goals:

  • Know how ready you are for the sale of the business.

  • Identify your fear related to the transition.

  • Look out for investment opportunities.

  • Craft your new goals and chart out plans to achieve them.

  • Jot down barriers that you think may hinder your progress.

Tips to sell your business

There are few things that you need to do in the transition process of selling your business. These practices will ensure that the sale goes smoothly and will ensure the highest value for your business. Below are few points that you can consider:

· Selling a business takes its own time. Be realistic. It will take much longer to prepare your business for a sale. Strong sales have always increased the valuation of a business and make it appealing to buyers.

· It is never too late to develop an exit strategy for your business. You would never want to feel forced to sell your venture where you’ll not be able to get the maximum value. So, be prepared with an exit strategy.

· Most of the businesses have emotional values attached. This is true for small businesses or an establishment that you’ve built on your own from the scratch. It is crucial to keep emotions out of your deal.

· There are chances that buyers might make you an enticing offer, but don’t have the funding to pay you at the point of sale. Beware and ensure the terms of your deal require an upfront payment.

Selling a business takes time. Do not overcomplicate things. Always remember that you have a life after selling your business, and for an entrepreneur, it is a life filled with significant goals yet to be accomplished.

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