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What to Change About Branding to Make it Unforgettable?

Many among us use ‘business’ and ‘brand’ interchangeably, while they are significantly different. Today, there are hundreds of eCommerce businesses around us. However, how many of them or their products and services do you know readily? That’s where effective branding comes into the picture!

Branding offers you the identity or image that your customers perceive your business by. When done rightly, it helps gain your business and products special recognition among your consumers. Following are some tips on how you can effectively use branding to create long-lasting memories.

1. Identify Your Brand’s Target Audience

Identifying and focusing on the target audience is the most critical aspect of your brand’s success. For example, FirstCry has babies as its target audience and offers a comprehensive range of baby products.

Even if you have a perfect product, you will not be able to do any justice to your brand without targeting the right audience. You can identify your audience by understanding.

  • Who can be your target audience? Besides geographies, identify their deeper needs.

  • Where can you find them? Identify the online platforms they prefer, such as YouTube, Facebook, and more.

  • What are their pain areas? Know the problems they are facing and how your offerings will alleviate their issues.

  • Which search terms they use? Optimize your copy with these terms to gain their attention organically to your products and services.

2. Outline the Key Benefits/ Unique Selling Points of Your Brand

Today’s market is flooded with almost similar products, and hence, you must stress how your products are different from your competitors. Here are a few ways how you can differentiate yourself from the rest –

  • Use a catchy tagline to explain the advantages your products offer over others, e.g., a branding campaign by Flipkart used the slogan ‘Ab har wish hogi poori.’

  • Narrow down to a hyper-focused target market.

  • Emphasize a minor but unique product feature.

3. Be Consistent and Loyal

Whether it’s the standard of quality, service, or customer-centricity, consistency results in customers opting for your brand over the long run. The best example is Amazon, where customer-centricity has made it one of the most popular eCommerce brands globally.

Additionally, never make false promises as customers hate disappointment. Transparent and honest shipping and return policies go a long way than fancy and unrealistic ones.

4. Establish Your Style

Every brand follows a specific set of ideals and offers a unique brand promise. Consumers should understand your brand promise and realize the unique experience it provides to them. For example, Myntra’s vision is to make the world a more stylish, colorful, and happier place, and it reflects in everything they offer, including their advertisement, tagline, and messaging.

5. Better Serve Your Customers

No business or brand can exist without customers, and understanding and responding to their needs and wants can be the key to your brand's success. You can do this in many ways, including

  • Segment your customers and send them personalized messages and offers.

  • Respond to customer queries and issues swiftly.

  • Check what customers are buying, their time of purchase, and how much they spend.

  • Analyze store’s overview data such as purchase funnel, most popular products, abandoned cart data, and more.

6. Focus on and Maintain Product Quality

Maintaining a wide range of products can split focus, compromising the quality. Today’s consumers are wary of mediocre quality and quickly move away from your brand for your competitor’s one. To avoid this, some brands establish their niche in a limited number of products to deliver the best and earn customer loyalty. Zivame is one of such examples where the brand focuses on offering high-quality women lingerie.

7. Speak Your Customers’ Language

Speaking with them in their language can make customers emotionally connect with your brand, and they will more positively respond to your marketing campaigns. “Happy furniture to you” from Pepperfry, thus immediately connects with its customer base. Do the following to understand more about your target audience’s language:

  • Check your customer research and take clues from your customers’ language.

  • Analyze your customers' common expressions reflected in product reviews and use them organically in your copy.

  • Check your direct competitors' customer communication and check whether they are using any specific phrases.

8. Create Diverse Content Types

Great content strengthens your relationship with your customers. You can create various types of content around your core niche. For example, Nykaa, the beauty, fashion, and wellness products eCommerce brand, has a separate section on beauty advice that contains content in the form of a digital magazine, guides, and videos. You can primarily focus on these four high-converting content types –

  • Videos – Create explainer videos, product demos, vlogs.

  • Podcasts – Some customers opt for listening over reading.

  • Comparison Content – Showcase your products against your competitors.

  • Infographics – Visual representation of the information offers easy and effective digestion.

9. Share Your Story

Who doesn’t like a story! It’s the best way to connect with your customers emotionally. You can narrate your brand’s story in a way that will build and strengthen trust with your prospective customers. Here are some ideas to share your story.

  • About Us Page – You can mention exciting facts about your brand’s origin and include a video from the founder.

  • Packaging – Let your packaging, labels, and tags talk about your story. Amazon India narrates its sellers’ stories on its delivery boxes.

  • Press Release – It’s an excellent way to reach customers, especially for start-ups or new product launches.

10. Reflect and Refine

Align everything to better connect with your best customers. Here are some tips

  • Create a value statement that differentiates you from the herd.

  • Share consistent messages across all the channels.

  • Make use of user-generated content.

  • Leverage cutting-edge technologies and marketing strategies.

  • Use trendy hashtags for better online visibility.

Successful branding needs efforts that offer long-term business success. Powerhouse91 is committed to build brands and help eCommerce companies to achieve their true potential. We are an exceptional team with more than 10 years of experience in eCommerce and help you step up your brand to the next level.

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